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Coyote Moon Trading Company!

Coyote The Trickster 

Located just minutes from Pueblo and 10 minutes off the Santa Fe Trail, in Southeastern Colorado, Coyote Moon Trading Company is something a little out of the ordinary.

At Coyote Moon, you will find unique gifts, but so much more! You will also find used merchandise and building materials.
Coyote Moon is about FUN and feeling good, gifts for the heart! In Native American lore, the coyote is a trickster, a curious one who teaches about trust, but also helps us to remember the child within and the importance of fun & play. Naturally, as our namesake implies, Coyote Moon provides much to help reawaken the small child that resides within us all. Here, you will find things that will spark memories of a more leasurely time and surely bring a smile to the face.

Looking for gently used items and collectibles? We have them, too!

Below, is a picture of our toy counter. We have many toys that are less than a dollar. We even have some that are only 10 cents each!!

Toys Magic Jokes & Pranks Image

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